Dog Shower Jet
Dog Shower Jet
Dog Shower Jet
Dog Shower Jet
Dog Shower Jet
Dog Shower Jet

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Dog Shower Jet

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Let's face it: Giving dogs a good bath can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Especially if your pup tries to escape at every opportunity.

This is the secret to your hassle-free washing experience with your best friend. With optional soap dispensing for a a quick wash and rinse, our Dog Shower Jet is all you need.

92% of customers reported that they feel more comfortable bathing their dog, and that our Dog Shower Jet makes infinitely easier.

Whilst 32% followed up with a message expressing how they didn't know how they managed for so long without it.


"I used to really struggle to wash my Westland Terrier, Scotty, now that I'm getting old. When I saw this on Facebook, I was hesitant as I'd never purchased anything off there before, but I'm so glad I took the plunge. Bathing my dog has become 10x easier and I feel more satisfied with how clean Scotty is now. He's happy and healthier than ever!"


Jane, Lake D


 THE FASTEST & EASIEST WAY TO BATHE YOUR DOG - We know how hard it is to thoroughly wash your dog, and how much many dogs dread the bath. Our Dog Shower Jet is designed designed to simplify your bathing routine, from mixing soap to lathering, scrubbing and rinsing. Making baths much quicker, easier and more effective!

 CLEAN DOWN TO THE SKIN - Feel more confident that your dog is actually clean & healthy. With 2x more pressure than an average hose, 8 dog-tailored spray modes and adjustable soap dilution, the Dog Shower Jet will remove any stubborn dirt underneath the coat. Mud, poop, sweat, dandruff – it'll vanish!

 REDUCES STRESS & ANXIETY - It’s no secret that most dogs would rather skip bath time. The Dog Shower Jet however creates a fast and seamless bath experience, helping your dog to stay calm during the process.

 USE IT ANYWHERE - The Dog Shower Jet fits all standard garden hoses in the USA (3/4 inch). It also comes with an extra 1/2 inch adapter for the shower hose.

 GROOMER RECOMMENDED, DOG APPROVED - Dog groomers have searched for the best way to bathe more dogs in less time without sacrificing their professional standard. With thousands of 5 star reviews and amazing stories, our Dog Shower Jet is the #1 most favored choice for faster, easier and more enjoyable grooming.

 8 DOG TAILORED MODES - Easily adjust the spray of the jet by twisting to different settings ( rinse, stream, flat, center, jet, shower, mist and cone) which can spout water in 8 patterns for different cleaning modes.

 SAVES TIME - The Dog Shower Jet saves you time, and allows you more time to play and have fun with your best-friend.

Benefits of Using our Dog Shower Jet

 Perfect for dogs with a fear bath time.

 More time to spent cleaning your pup, means more time for bonding!

 Your dog will be extra clean and healthy.

 Less anxiety for you and your dog!

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Q: What if my dog doesn't like cold water?
A: No problem! You can also use it in the shower to have full control over the water temperature.
The Dog Shower Jet comes with an extra 1/2 inch adapter that fits all standard shower hoses in the UK. Simply remove your shower head, connect the adapter and the Pup Jet.

Q: Does if fit my garden / shower hose?

The Dog Shower Jet fits all standard garden hoses in the UK (3/4 inch).

It also comes with an extra 1/2 inch adapter for the shower hose.

To install the Dog Shower Jet, simply unscrew the black connector and attach the Pup Jet directly to your garden or shower hose (using the included shower adapter).

Q: Does it work with thick coated dogs?
A: Thanks to the effective water pressure and spray modes, the Dog Shower Jet works fantastic with long, thick hair and double-coated dogs such as Huskies, Golden Retrievers, Newfoundlands and Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Q: Do I have to constantly push the handle?
A: No! The trigger will automatically lock in place once you push it, so your hand doesn't get tired holding it the entire time.

Q: How long does the bottle last?
A: The soap bottle holds 3.5 oz / 100ml and lasts up to 20 minutes whilst constantly on. This equals 2-3 sessions on average.

Q: Does it work with medicated shampoo?
A: It works with any type of shampoo! Whether you use regular or medicated shampoo, it won't affect the performance of the Jet.